It's Free!

This application is currently free for all users. Simply log in using your Google account, and you have free access to all the functionality in the application.

What are we getting out of it? Nothing, we are not even collecting your data. At the moment, this application is in the early stages of development, and one of the things we are testing is if there is a market for a product like this. So if you find the application useful, recommend us to your friends and colleagues, keep coming back, and please send us feedback on what you do and do not like.


Have your own clients that you think would find this product useful, but want it to look and feel consistent with your current suite of tools? Talk to us about whitelabelling and we can help you get setup with an unbranded version of this application. Flexible options for pricing include upfront one-off payments, and/or subscriptions with ongoing tech support.

Custom Visualizations and Dashboards

Like the concept, but can't find any visualizations or dashboards that are exactly what you are looking for? Get in touch and we can help you to develop your own custom dashboard and/or visualization.

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