Visual Analytics

Using visualization to bring your Google Analytics data to life

What is Visual Analytics?

Launched in 2017, Visual Analytics is a free application that allows you to view your Google Analytics data using a range of intuitive and interactive visualizations. These visualizations allow you to really get into the details of where your users are coming from, how they are getting to your website, and what they are doing once they are there. Intended as a supplement to your existing Google Analytics dashboard, Visual Analytics makes your data more accessible, and inspires you to dig deeper.

To get started, log in with your Google account using the button above.

Visual Analytics Userflow screen grab

See how users are moving through your website and filter for the traffic source.

Visual Analytics Acquisition screen grab

Take a detailed look at how users are finding your website and where they are coming from.

How does Visual Analytics work?

Visual Analytics is a web application that works by accessing the Google Analytics API, an interface for extracting Google Analytics data. Once you sign in using Google's authentication process, Visual Analytics can make requests for read only access to your Google Analytics data from that API. The application then uses that raw data to generate a series of visualizations and graphics that will help to provide useful insights into that data. Depending on the visualization being generated, different requests are made to the API for different slices and sections of your data, but care is taken to ensure that we only request what is needed to generate the visualizations. This minimalist approach to requesting the data helps to ensure the application remains as quick as possible, as well as respecting the fact that it is your data that Visual Analytics is using.

A word on privacy and data security...

At Visual Analytics, we value your right to privacy and data security, and respect that the Google Analytics data we are accessing is not ours. At a time when more and more of our data is being captured and used to target advertising (or worse), you will be happy to know that Visual Analytics does not capture or store any of your account information or Google Analytics data, even in an aggregated form. In fact, the only data we do capture is our own Google Analytics data on how people are using this site. This lack of data collection has several advantages, but primarily it removes the risk of a data breach, and ensures that you maintain ownership of your data.

If you would like more details on how we handle your data, please take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Visual Analytics Country Breakdown screen grab

Understand how the channels your users come from and the pages they visit change from country to country.