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Welcome to your dashboard! This page shows some high level statistics about your selected website (property) and view.

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Traffic Over Time

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What happened on my website yesterday?

Use the A Day in Detail dashboard to find out exactly what happened yesterday, including the timing of your visitors, how they got to your website, which countries they came from, and which pages were visited.

How are users getting to my website?

Use the Acquisition dashboard to investigate how users are getting to your website, whether it be through social media, Google searches, referrals from other websites or another means.

Which keywords are users searching to find my website?

Use the Organic Search dashboard and Google Search Console data to understand the keywords people are searching to find your website, how those terms are changing over time, and which pages are being associated with which keywords.

Which countries are my users coming from?

Use the Country Breakdown dashboard to understand which countries and cities your users are from, and how that affects the pages they visit, devices they use and how long they stay.

How are users moving through my website?

Use the User Flow visualization to see which pages your users are arriving on, how they navigate through your website, and where they leave.