About Us

The App

Launched in 2017, Visual Analytics is a free application that allows you to view your Google Analytics data using a range of intuitive and interactive visualizations. These visualizations help you to really understand where your users are coming from, how they are getting to your website, and what they are doing when they get there. Intended as a supplement to your existing Google Analytics dashboard, Visual Analytics aims to make your data more intuitive, interesting, and accessible. And did we mention it's free? No sign-ups, no credit cards, no creating another account and password, we don't even ask for your email address - we simply use your existing Google account. All you have to do is click the login button at the top of the page to get started.

The Team

Visual Analytics is being developed and administered by Brett Romero.

A data and visualization professional, Brett has been working in data science and application development for over 13 years. From the Australian Taxation Office, to Deloitte Analytics in New York, to technology startups in Kosovo and now Denmark, his main passion is solving interesting problems using data and technology. Having first encountered Google Analytics when starting his personal blog brettromero.com in 2015, Brett became fascinated with exploring his Google analytics data to understand who was reading his blog and how they were reading it. However, realizing that not everyone enjoyed looking through tables of numbers as much as he did, he decided to create Visual Analytics, an app that would summarize the most interesting Google analytics data and bring it to life using interactive visualizations.

An Australian by birth, Brett currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Preparing for the cold of Copehagen with a stopover in Ottawa, Canada.