About Us

Visual Analytics is being developed, maintained and administered by Brett Romero.

A data and visualization professional, Brett has been working in data science and application development for over 15 years. Having first encountered Google Analytics when starting his personal blog brettromero.com in 2015, Brett became fascinated with exploring his Google Analytics data to understand who was reading his blog and how they were reading it. However, after a while he realized that he was spending a lot of time navigating through the Google Analytics dashboard to look at the same 4-5 pieces of information. Being a completely rational person, Brett decided to spend 6 months (and the rest) creating Visual Analytics to save himself 5 minutes a day. But you lucky reader, if you are still reading this for some reason, get to harvest the fruits of that misplaced effort and benefit from an app that summarizes the most interesting Google Analytics data and brings it to life using interactive visualizations.

If you find this tool useful, would like to contribute to the upkeep costs, or would simply like to show your appreciation, please feel free to do so by buying me a coffee.