Privacy Policy

Last Updated 20 August 2017

This privacy policy details what data is collected and stored by Visual Analytics, and what is done with that data.

Collection and Use of User Data

  1. Visual Analytics uses data collected through Google Analytics to create interesting and user-friendly representations of visitors to your website.
  2. As Visual Analytics has no role in collecting Google Analytics data, it makes no representations or warranties and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the way in which that data has been collected.
  3. Visual Analytics does not store any of the Google Analytics data used to generate any of the visualizations or numeric values shown in the application. This data is requested from the Google Analytics API and is then only used to generate the visualizations.
  4. Visual Analytics does not make any additional requests to the Google Analytics API other than what is needed to generate the visualizations.
  5. Like most websites, Visual Analytics does use Google Analytics to track users movements through the application. This data is not stored directly by Visual Analytics, but is stored by Google and will be used to improve Visual Analytics over time.

Provision of Data to Third Parties

  1. As Visual Analytics does not collect or store any of its users Google Analytics data, no data is disclosed directly by Visual Analytics to third parties.
  2. Google Analytics data collected on user movements through the Visual Analytics application are only used by Visual Analytics internally and are not shared with third parties, unless necessary for compliance with applicable law.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

  1. Users will be notified of any changes to this privacy policy on the home page of this application.


If you have any questions about the above privacy policy, please contact us using any of the links in the footer of this page.